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***PLEASE READ!! WE DO NOT PROVIDE THE UNIFORM*** (well, not really)

What is better than hugging a loved one in uniform as they come home from being gone? Well...not much of anything really but this right here is a close second when that loved one is gone for a awhile. 16 inches of cuddling awaits you and your family!!

**YOURS** - Made from YOUR members ODU uniform top. Upon ordering we will provide you with the address to ship to and upon receipt will make the best possible pillow case out of it. Please ensure all clothing is laundered prior to shipping. If it stinks or it's dirty we will probably just throw it away. Shipping costs and tracking are the customers responsibility and we can't be held liable for lost shipments. Please ensure we have good contact info for you (phone, email, etc).

**OURS** - We have a few gently used tops on hand that we will make into a lovely blank canvas for you. All insignia will be stripped except the US COAST GUARD left tape allowing you to sew on your own collar devices, name tape and whatever else. Please note collars are sewn down to the case. Because they are random there may be areas that have obvious device removed areas (Insignias, collar devices, etc). Might be slightly discolored and have stitch marks. This truly is "best we have on hand" option so buyer be aware. 

Once you get the pillow case, fill er up with any store bought 16 inch pillow (Walmart has em cheap, Hobby Lobby, etc...) from the zippered bottom. And best of all, IT'S WASHABLE!!! Wash it just like you would your normal uniform.

Questions?? Please ask before ordering!!