3D USCG Air Crew Racing Stripe

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(Size is based on Width)

Wing Color - indicates the color for the left and right sides of the Wings. Gold, Metallic Orange and White.

All 3D prints are made with high-quality PLA filament, meaning they are made of plastic. At .4mm print detail and resolution, these have detail that just can’t be created with wood carvings or CNC machines.

Due to how 3D prints are created (from the bottom layer up), there can be some noticeable layer lines and ringing. In most cases you can hardly see it at and just like wood, for a perfect end results, some post processing may be required such as sanding and painting. Items can be smoothed out with regular sandpaper (we typically use 220 grit and higher) and painted with virtually any paint, although a primer layer is recommended.

You will receive the print straight off the printer as is.

If you would like to see close up images of a final print to determine if this is right for you, please contact us at SplitCoastCreations@gmail.com and we will be happy to shoot you over a few close-ups to show finish quality and layering.