3D USCG CWO Boatswain BOSN Specialty

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***Please Read to understand options***

Sizes are based on height, width is adjusted proportionately. 

3D prints are available on an "up to" scale, meaning if you need an 11" print, order the 12" and specify in the order notes the specific size you need. Prints are made to order so they can be created as needed.

Finish(6" Shown ___ w/ Antique Paint, ___ Shiny Gold Printed)

  • Painted: The 3D print will be painted with an Antique finish type paint to give it that rustic, old weathered appearance. 
  • Printed (Shiny): The 3D print will be printed in the single color chosen with a shiny metallic looking plastic. Prints should be displayed as-is and any sanding or post-processing will result in a much more dull and unpleasant finish.
  • Printed (Single Color): The 3D print will be painted in a solid non-shiny color perfect to display as-is or great for the DIY painting option of you choice. Primer and acrylic paints are recommended. 

Material: All 3D prints are made of plastic. At .4mm print detail and resolution, these have detail that just can’t be created with wood carvings on CNC machines.

Resin: Resin options are for small but high detailed prints. Unlike the other plastic options, resin based 3D prints are printed from a liquid UV resin at layer heights about the size of a human hair. Its the difference of normal HD TV's vs. the Ultra High Def 4K type.  

Prints can be DIY sanded and painted just like wood for a smooth, high detail finish. You will receive the print straight off the printer as is unless painted selections are requested above.

If you would like to see close up images of a print to determine if this is right for you, please contact us at SplitCoastCreations@gmail.com and we will be happy to shoot you over a few close-ups to show finish quality and layering.