Standard 9x12 Plaque

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Please contact us for specific art needs prior to ordering!! If your unit isn't of fairly significant size or stature (meaning a Cutter, Small Boat Station, Sector, etc) this option is probably not for you.

These need at least some type of logo, some assets (small boats or Cutter), some geographically significant landmark (a unique station building or local bridge maybe). Smaller units like ESDs, ANTs, NESUs, MSOs, MSUs etc become very difficult because there really isn't much graphically to represent them. 

To repeat, please CONTACT US before you order this product to ensure we can make this happen for you.

DISCLAIMER: Everything you see is PRINTED!! There is no brass plate or engraving done on these plaques. It is all high def photo quality printing.

Also, be aware plaque sizes are the entire plaque, not the print area!! The print area measurements are about 1.125 inches shorter for each side. For example, the printed picture on the 9x12 plaque is actually 7.875 x 10.875

All plaques have a key hole in the back for easy hanging.

All plaque edges are black.

Bulk pricing is only for same unit purchase. Besides a simple name and date change, any difference in the overall art would require a separate plaque purchase (at full price).