Davy Jones' Footlocker

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Decanter Set w/ 6 Glasses

**please READ before ordering**

Logos for the Decanter must be of a square or vertical nature (i.e. CG Logo or CPO Anchor. Cutterman Insignias and horizontal type logos will NOT work)   The back is able to be etched with a second logo or about 2 or 3 words (RANK Firstname Lastname, etc). Contact us with ideas before ordering to ensure there won't be issues. 

Logos for the rocks Glasses MUST BE simple in nature or only 2 to 3 words due to small size. Logos must be of a square nature (i.e. BM Anchors or a CG Outline Logo as shown. Chief Anchors and Cutterman Insignias will NOT work)

The Metal Plate on the inside of the lid can be literally anything you want. A photo, a signature panel from the crew, a list of Units from their career....really anything. Describe what you have in mind and we will be in touch to get it all finalized!

Please allow for 2 weeks production time per set. If less time is required, contact us before ordering to ensure we can meet your timeline needs. Put all needed information in order notes and ensure we have good contact phone number and/or email address for you should questions or problems arise!