Sublimation Shirts

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Our sublimation shirts are a full color printed product on t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. Due to the specialized printing process, it is only available on the particular shirts we provide. Although 2 different "types" of shirts are offered, all are 100% polyester.  

Our "Spun" option feels just like your typical cotton shirt or sweatshirt. You would honestly have a hard time telling them apart if compared side by side. Our other option is referred to as "Micro-Fiber" as has the slick feel of a typical major brand Performance style shirt. Usually used as fishing or running shirts, these are cool to the touch, thin and moisture wicking while some offer 50+ SPF sun protection.

For further details on the materials or printing process and available options and colors, please message us and we can fill you in further. Also, for orders of 10 or more, ask us about bulk pricing!!!

For the purposes of ordering here on our site, you can tell the difference between the two as they will be designated "Spun" or "MF". Please ensure you are choosing the correct style as no returns will be accepted due to the personalized nature of this product.