USCG First Class Shadow Box

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Who says your Shadow Box has to be made out of heavy wood?! Or so massive you don't even know where to hang it!?

Want something low key, SUPER light weight and just big enough for a few important things? Better yet you won't have to wait MONTHS to receive it! (Average order time is 2 weeks)  Take a look at what we offer here. It might just be the perfect, quick, affordable option to celebrate your career!

All First Class Boxes are 3D printed plastic, 21" tall by 16" wide, and weigh less than 3 lbs!  Each one has a dark blue velvet insert. Other options maybe be available, contact for requests Choose your finish options it is ready to go!

The framed front is held on by super strong Neodymium magnets, so no more difficult screws to take in and out. The decoration area measures approximately 9.75" tall by 8.75"

Please contact us with questions prior to ordering. or 281-962-3610